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Old 09-03-2014, 09:12 AM
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Default EGO 11 Sweet Spotting your dwell

Picked this up somewhere and wanted to plop this here for reference.

How-To: "Sweet Spot" your dwell The dwell setting on each Ego needs to be set up individually by sweet-spotting the dwell to the marker in question. It is not a case of a dwell setting of 8, 10 or 12ms will work perfectly on every marker as tolerances and performance of components within the marker are different. These settings are based off an Ego9.

1. Chrono the marker as it is until you reach the desired velocity; letís assume you want to shoot at approximately 290fps.

2. Remove the rubber grip screws on the right hand side of the Ego and push the set-up pushbutton on your circuit board to enter the set-up menu.

3. Scroll through the menu and "Unlock" the circuit board.

4. Close up the grips again so that you don't lose the three screws that you're about to drop!

5. As the marker is now unlocked go into the DWELL parameter and lower the dwell by 1.0ms from 10.5ms (the factory setting) to 9.5ms.

6. Chronograph the marker and check that the velocity has remained approximately the same.

7. Again go into the DWELL parameter and lower the dwell by 1.0ms.

8. Chronograph the marker again to check that the velocity has remained approximately the same.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until the velocity starts to drop.

10. When you reach this stage your DWELL is set too low to achieve the velocity you require. You must now raise your DWELL by 0.5ms from its current setting.

11. Chronograph the marker again to check that the velocity has returned to the desired value. If it has not then increase your DWELL again in 0.5ms increments until it does.

12. When you are content with the velocity readings, exit the DWELL parameter and "lock" the marker so that you are tournament legal.

13. You have now sweet-spotted your Ego's DWELL to maximize its efficiency at that particular Inline Reg setting.

Again, these settings are based on an Ego9. The process is the same however for all Ego's.

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