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Old 02-01-2015, 01:34 PM
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Default R.P.C E/X-Mag Board Programming Guide

These videos will help you learn how to program your Reflex Paintball Customs E/X-Mag Board

1 = firing mode (white) (see below for possible values)
2 = dbounce (red) input values: 1 - 30 (in mS)
3 = dwell (green) input values: 1-30 - (1 = 11mS, 30 = 41mS)
4 = Mech dbounce (lite blue) input values: 1 - 30 (in mS)
5 = abs value (yellow) input values: 1 - 30 (in mS)
6 = Mild ramp value (purple) input values: 1 - 10 (1 is slowest ramp, 10 is max ramp)
7 = ramp start (dark blue) input values: 3 - 15 (in bps, what bps will allow ramp to start)
8 = zburst value (red to white) input values: 2 - 6 (number of balls in burst mode per trigger pull)
9 = rofcap (purple to gold) input values: 5 - 50 (in bps, only integer value)
10 = rof_tenths (red to dark blue) input values: 1 - 10 (in tenths of bps added to rofcap value - 1 = .1, 9 = .9, 10 = .0)
11 = rofoff dirty eyes (purple to white) input values: 5 - 50 (in bps, only integer value)
12 = reflective/breakbeam/none (red to yellow) input values: 1 - 3 (1 = reflective, 2 = b-beam, 3 = no eyes)
13 = defaults (dark blue to white)

EX: If changing Dwell enter pgrm mode by powering the circuit on while holding the trigger down. After all colors flash to signify
prgm mode has been entered, cycle to the 3rd value (green) by pulling the trigger three times. To change this value hold down the trigger
for 1 second until all colors flash again to signify that system is ready to receive the new value. Pull the trigger the number of times that
equals the new value
desired (ex: if the new value desired is 10, pull the trigger 10 times). The system will flash all colors to signify a new value has been
input, then flash back the number just entered for
confirmation to the user. If a change in value is not desired, do not input any value (no trigger pulls) and the system will flash all
colors to signify that nothing has been entered and will flash the LED to show the
user the current value. Note that if the value for dwell is 1 that = 11mS for the dwell time. An input of 30 = 41mS.

For changing different user selectable parameters make sure to pay attention to what each value means and the minimum values allowed.

fire mode values (PSP means you have to hit 3 balls in semi-auto w/ in 1 sec to move to next mode, ie: psp burst,
3 balls/sec semi then burst til no trigger pull for 1 sec)

1 = "semi-auto uncapped"
2 = "semi-auto capped"
3 = "auto-response"
4 = "Mild Ramp"
5 = "Max Ramp"
6 = "Z-Burst"
7 = "Full Auto"
8 = "PSP auto-response
9 = "PSP Mild"
10 = "PSP Max"
11 = "PSP z-burst"
12 = "PSP full auto"

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