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Default Pre-orders and stupidity

I'm sorry, I'm laughing my ass off.

If you do a pre-order and you don't take a deposit to at least cover your costs, you are a fool.

If you take people's word and not their money and they stiff you, then you are also a fool...

If there is not enough interested to move forward, then it doesn't happen.

I see no 'risk'. No one was a hero.

XMT is not stupid.

Unless he didn't cover his costs on the preorder.

I want one of his new foregrips, but I will wait until he panics next time and drops the price.

This shit has been going on for years. My friend Roguefactor used to discuss it all the time with me. He was 100000% correct.

Good luck on the next pre-orders.

I hope that this is not the end of all aftermarket mag parts.


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its a joke that he is called the Mag Whisperer, till he fixes the unfixable and hands you a gun that sings, screams and does everything you wanted it to be, and then the name is well earned.
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