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Name: Alejandro Pineda (started going by Alex when I moved south, got tired of country folks butchering my name)
Age: 32
Loc: Live in McDonough, Ga. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
Status: Married for 10 yrs, 3 kids all with the women
Work: Lockheed Martin, Lead Wing-Mate F22 Mechanic...Cant say anymore...

I've been playing paintball since 1995. We use to sneek into the reservoir in East New York to play, it was the only place around that had a bunch of trees and noone but us running around. My first gun was a VM-68, I packed alot of bags in my parents store to save up for it.

Will Continue Later My Soap Opera is on HBO

This is what take up 16 hours of my day, 6 days a week. It takes us 13 days do what you see, the last few days are missing. This is ship 193 out of 195. We completed 195 2 weeks ago.
Click on the Image for the time laps Video
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