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Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
Hatred, no. Pure and unscathing loathing for the jack-off, asshole, wannabe purist that think that pump is the only way to play and that brass and wood is the culmination of the best that paintball ever represented. I see them akin to flat-worlders. They stopped believing in anything after the 1500s.

I will surely use it. It is not mine and i will treat it with respect, but if it was mine (except if it were gifted to me) i would do the above. More to see what happens, but also i want to just see their reactions to it. Hell, i would love to see 4 figures if i were to put it on auction, but that is only if i were to get one.
but brass & wood IS the culmination of the best that paintball ever represented well, in terms of being able to have artistic expression using basic tools at least...
brassmage and necrotech...
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