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I was never a fan of the 86*, but the thicker milling on the back top of the handle looks like it would fit in the hand better than the current 86*frame.
The simple milling seems to be overlooked, and some times less is more. the more i look at it the more details i notice, and someone put alot of thought into the milling. but that block in the front where the pump rods go through seems to be a very bland and sticks out in a bad way to undermind the rest of the milling. The one thing that i never like was the pump rod going through part of the body. thats the one thing that kept me away from the T2. I think it gives the pump stroke a more mechanical feel to it.
My opinion on regs in general is, I could careless about the looks as long as it performs. The better it performs the less I care about the looks. I would really like to know a price range and get to shoot one first before i would say if i would buy one or not.
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