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So if anyone doesnt get the rules.
  • 1 Vs 1
  • Winner keeps the losers gun, (barrels, hoppers, tanks are NOT part of the gun. Loser can always give them up but that is their choice)
  • 1 full hopper and one 140 Rd tube of paint allowed. No more
  • Bunkering, ramping, barrel tags, surrendering all allowed. (please NO tea-bagging your opponent)
  • Please no excessive overshoting this is a fun game.
  • No timelimit
  • Reffing is done by your peers.
  • If you have a opponent you want to call out then do it. Make it public have fun with it. Or Gamble on a card draw. (everyone draws. The highest and lowest will be opponents, Then the next highest and lowest and so on.)

This is geared to be a different fun game for a different type of player that has a different mindset. But likes to gamble alittle or alot. It is meant to be fun and light hearted. If your going to complain about losing this game isnt for you. Again its all for friendly fun.

Update 08-28-17:

  • You can use someone else's gun during the Gamblers Game. It will be forfeited just as if it were you own. So the owner must agree to the rules and accept.
  • You CAN NOT use a rental gun.
  • The game will be a single tier style. Random pick unless there is a preceding call out game that is agreed upon. This is to keep one person from wining everything.
  • Additional games will be on a call out basis.

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