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Back from the dead... sorry for my absence.

Name: Erik T. Schmitt

Age.. 35

Location... Capital District NY, formerly Philly Burbs.

Occupation: Environmental Engineer for the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

Married... 4 years and change this time around.

Kids: 2 Boys age four and 20 months

Started playing in 93 when I turned 16 and I could drive. My parents probably figured they wouldn't be able to stop me since I had the car. Played at a farm that a friend of friend owned. Back then a good day was when we had 8 guys playing. I started with a Traccer and had that until I graduated High School and bought a first gen. Spyder (I think I got that from Skanline but not sure). I played a little while in college a couple times with the Penn State Paintball Club which was just a couple years old and then played outlaw ball with some friends over near one of the ski hills.. mainly because we were all poor and would rather pay for beer than field fees. When I graduated in Dec 1999 I used my first pay check and went and bought a Piranha (semi) and a 114 ci 3k tank ... and that's when the real monster was born.

Out side of paintball.... which is pretty much 99.99% of the time, I work doing public water supply permitting (soon to be water withdrawal permitting). drought planning and other water resource management work. I do a lot of dad stuff at home and in what little free time I have I work on the house and do some wood work. I'm planning to get back into some real carpentry projects again soon and also assembling some knives. This saturday I sit for my HAM exam.

This year I'm going to be planning at least two games for the Hornet's Nest here in NY.

I also duck hunt and this year I will be starting deer hunting with a new Muzzle loader I got for Christmas.

Me at Christmas outside at the grill

The family and I in Maine:

Me playing this past summer at the Hornet's Nest with the BigEvilonline Mag.. I was playing on Doobies team.. I had to shake and bake with a damn Revy.. f'n thing died on me some where between my basement and the field.. this year I'm going to a stick feed:
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