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Default Egomag help

Hey all! Been away from the forums and paintball in general for a few years and I'm just getting back into it. I have a project mag that I want to get ripping but I am terrible at tuning and troubleshooting mags.

Is there anyone still active on the forums that will take a pile of parts and make them sing? I have two X-valves; one with ULT and one without. I'm not sure which one should go in the egomag and I need both of them overhauled and tuned anyway.

For the egomag I have:
  1. Choice of X-valve with ULT or X-valve without ULT
  2. Tac-One warp left body
  3. rail
  4. vert ASA (tapped for a front-facing LPR)
  5. Ego Star frame (milled to fit by Luke. Fantastic work as always!)
  6. 'noid
  7. ram
  8. Bob Long cam drive bottom ASA (needs to be milled for LPR line)
  9. Palmer Pebble LPR

I appreciate any help. Thanks guys!
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