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Zondo 11-19-2014 03:13 PM

Gargoyle 2 for all you high end SC players
RTR posted this up on MCB and released pictures...

Fred 11-19-2014 08:58 PM

I have a gargoyle frame on the half completed phantom I've been... Yea.

Anyway it's a work of art and AMAZING.

V2 looks neat, maybe a tad bit over engineered but I'm digging it.

Zondo 11-19-2014 09:12 PM

I like how clean the area where the pump rods come out is. The ASA blends in really well.

I'm interested to see how the vertical feed option comes in, too.

RTR says this trigger is superior to the V1s, so wow... this should feel really smooth and solid!

Cougar20th 11-24-2014 12:26 PM

I see alot of cool little things in there. Things that take time & cost money but add alot to the gun.

Fred 11-24-2014 12:43 PM

I really had no idea that the guide rod was adjustable to be a stop for the pump stroke, that right there is a wicked awesome feature!

(which, when I get around to designing and building the custom undercocking setup for mine will have to incorporate...)

RUDZ 12-18-2014 03:59 PM

That right there is awesome

splat15k 01-25-2015 08:23 PM

Open-class version called the "Warthog" has been unveiled:

Zondo 02-16-2015 06:31 PM

holy smokes... RTR came back with the initial quote from his machinist. I guess I never thought about actual costs to make small run things. I know Keith has discussed it, but I never really had a number in my head for stuff like this. At least it sounds like the only direction for this is down. As much as I want to, I don't think I'm going to be on the buy list:


Originally Posted by RTR (Post 3098006)
Ok, this may or may not be exciting to you but I can assure you that it is indeed exciting to me.

I have received a quote for the Gargoyle II. Don't get to excited though as there is still work to do so I will not be sharing the cost. Because, it's not the true cost but a solid starting point to work from. Some parts have a cost that is pallet able and others have costs that I need to do some work in an effort to get there costs down.

I will be sitting down with the shop on Tuesday to discuss these things and hopefully ramp up a plan to get this done. And as a side note: This machine shop quoted us in only two weeks time. That is a very very good sign.

I will tell you this based on the costs that I have received. It's not cheap. However, when it's cost does get established please remember what the cost represents. Think about everything that is built into it and what conveniences the Gargoyle provides. Do some comparisons and part counts.

The target number of Gargoyles to be made has shifted up to 250 guns. The cost for 100 Gargoyles was not financially feasible.

The monetary amount that will need to be funded will be high. It's not $100,000, it's not even $200,000.00 It's more.

I will restate some things that people may not be aware of when crowd funding.

1. That money which is raised is TAX'd by Uncle Sam as one lump payment.
2. Indiegogo will take 9%
3. Paypal will take 3%

If not careful, it's very easy to lose money when doing this. And a lot of money. This is why it is so important for people to not only buy a Gargoyle during the campaign, but people understand that even if they are not in a position to buy one, supporting on some other level in the campaign is super important. It's those people that play an enormous monetary role in the campaign and also in the production of future Gargoyles.

I am searching for some people to produce high quality promotional media for marketing the campaign. Digital flyers etc. I already have a few big hitters jumping in to help with online promotion. So that in itself is an exciting piece of positive forward movement.

The Warthog as not been omitted. It's going to follow the same process that is established with the Gargoyle II. But for now I am keeping this update as simple as possible.

It's not the update that you may have been looking for. But believe it or not, this is really good news.

Hang in there with me guys and Gals.


Nobody 02-16-2015 08:59 PM

The more i am around Simon and his shop, hearing quotes for parts for small runs of whatever size(50, 100, 200) and the bits that Keith shares with us on his parts; it all makes sense. As Simon puts it, he needs to get paid for the time designing it, the time checking it, the prototypes to see if it works, the tooling, the orings, the screws, the packaging, the tumbler, the finishing, the tools and all that. Simon does do all this in house so he can have quality control and save on the labor other shops would charge him.

There is a lot that goes into making a gun.

soulcoffin 04-21-2015 10:54 AM

the indiegogo page for this is up, now

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