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river031403 03-21-2011 11:18 PM

uploading banner photos and attatching photos to post
how to??? attatch photo to post
how to?? submit banner photo????

smoothice 03-22-2011 02:48 AM

This is the thread to post the pics in

to upload a picture you need a 3rd party site. Like photobucket. Its free. Just upload to that site then copy and paste the [IMG] tags.

Ando 03-22-2011 12:25 PM

To post pics, like smoothice said you need either a 3rd party site to upload the picture or if the picture is already on the web you can link it here. I prefer using Photobucket.

Make an account and once on the account you'll see an "upload now" button in the upper middle part of your screen. Click it, up load pics and your done.

Click on your pics and you'll see a box to the right that reads "share this photo". click on the one that says "IMG code", it will auto copy the link. Come here, post, past the link in the thread and hit "Submit Reply" at the bottom. You should be good.

If there's already a picture on the web that you want to link. Find said picture and get the direct URL link for it. Come here, start a new thread or reply to a current thread, click this icon above the reply box, add the image URL, click ok and submit post.

river031403 03-22-2011 07:20 PM

photo how to reply
thanks will do

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