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Cougar20th 01-25-2016 12:13 PM

FS: Near new Bob Long Millenium.
Bob Long Millennium Signature series, Red/Black splash. This was originally & still is a complete gun. Meaning it was sold as a complete gun not a replacement body, due to this it is cut for top cocking only.

I would put this gun at about a 98% condition.

This gun is one I bought new in 1999 or 2000. The gun is near new. It was used once. Put back into its original box and forgotten.
It does have some glue on the bottom of the body from a magnet mod that was used to help return the trigger. The magnets long gone.

Millenium body, Gloss black compact size, threaded feedneck, top cocking
Bob Long Cyclone bolt & pin. Top cocking
Bob Long valve
Bob Long VA/LPC
Bob Long expansion chamber
Bob Long Trigger frame
Bob Long Fatty striker & velocity adjuster
Bob Long Barrel
Original Box
Original Warranty/instruction sheet.

Price: $220 to your door within the USA. Others contact me about shipping.

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