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Our Mission
BigEvilOnline - "We have FUN here!"

-At this site, we remember that paintball is for recreational enjoyment. It is a game, and is meant to be played to have fun.

-We at all times play and act with honor and integrity. Even when we have the urge to smack the hell out of someone.

-The members of this community respect and help all types of players of any skill level, no matter how much of a noobie they are. :-)

-We here do not discriminate based on the markers you use or the style of game you play - as long as you keep within the rules. (Although we may make fun of you a little bit)

-We will promote paintball by nurturing new players in the rules of the game, proper safety guidelines, and to act respectfully towards others while on the field. So don't be surprised when someone crazy glues your goggles to you head.

-And lastly, we will not take any of this paintball crap too seriously. It is after all, only a game.

Play Safe
Play Fair
Have Fun

The Commandments of BigEvilOnline
The golden rule is; If you have to ask if something is ok, it's probably NOT. Use your common sense. It is NOT my intention to over moderate this forum. Please read and follow the simple guidelines listed below.

I) I am the Benevolent Dictator around here. What I say goes. The same for my moderators. We are here to keep order, keep the place running, and to have fun. However we can edit anything we don't like, change anything, or ban anyone for whatever reason we see fit. We do not have to justify anything. I pay the bills.

II) It will be our policy to notify members out of courtesy of any issues that arise. If something is up, you will hear from us first. We are good like that. However, it is at our discretion.

III) Keep in mind, the only sense of "fair" is what I decide it is. We are all pretty good natured folks around here and it takes a lot to get on our bad side. If you are foolish enough to cross that line, do not expect any favors.

IV) Also, there are no set guidelines for disciplinary action, and any such are decisions of the moderator staff and are on a case-by-case basis.

V) At the moment, there is no curse filter. At some point in the future, that may change. However, in the mean time let's try to post with class as often as possible. Gratuitous swearing is not appreciated.

**Added 2/17/2010** Due to other paintball related news sites syndicating BEO into their news feeds via RSS, please refrain from the use of swear words in thread titles.

VI) No porn, no nudity, and nothing even remotely regarded as illegal is permitted here.

VI) Keep all posts and topics civil. Do no post in an inflammatory manner, and DO NOT exhibit disruptive behavior.

VII) Posts and threads that are deemed inappropriate may be deleted without notice or warning.

Any problems, questions or issues can be addressed to myself or the mod staff at any time.

(Your Benevolent Dictator)

Sig and Avatar Guidelines
Registered Users
Image size = 200w x 150h / 17000 bytes
Up to 1000 characters INCLUDING BB code.
3 Lines of Text MAXIMUM
Limit of 1 Image

Contributing Members
Image size =400w x 190h / 95000 bytes
Up to 1000 characters INCLUDING BB code.
5 Lines of Text MAXIMUM
Limit of 2 Image

Founding Members
Image size = 400w x 2000h / 100000 bytes
Up to 1000 characters INCLUDING BB code.
5 Lines of Text MAXIMUM
Limit of 5 Image

Member Ranks and Benefits
Registered Users 0-499 posts

Contributing Members 500 + posts

Founding Members

V.I.P. Members

Founding Members
Founding Member

Founding Members are a special user group that was created as a way to thank the certain members of this site who helped me get it running. They are also considered to be in the highest standing within the community.

In gratitude, Founding Members have a higher level of privileges than most users.

Military Badges

As a way to honor our service men and women, we have created special "military ranks" for those people. Anyone who is a veteran can have a special badge next to their user name designating the branch of the military they were in.

There are also some added member privileges that are reserved for this group. (To Be Determined)

If you have served, please let us know.

iTrader & you - what you need to know about our feedback system.
iTrader & you

In case you were wondering, BEO is using an Ebay style feedback system called "iTrader"
To find a member's iTrader profile, you can look in one of two places
First, when you click a username in a post, it will be at the bottom of the drop down box as such;

OR - at the bottom of a member's profile.

To leave feedback, simply click on the "LEAVE FEEDBACK FOR" link at the bottom right of the iTrader profile.
Very Simple. Keep in mind that abuse of the feedback system will not be tolerated. We like to shoot first and ask questions later, so keep the iTrader system on the up-and-up.

The Dealer & Buy/Sell/Trade Forums
Dealers Forum
You can post in the Dealers Forum if;
-You have NIB items for sale.
-You have multiple quantities of the same item.
-You are a brick and mortar paintball store.
-You are an established online dealer and have positive feedback elsewhere.


Buy/Sell/Trade Forum
You can post in the B/S/T forum if;
-You are not a Dealer.
-You are posting used items.
-You are posting Wanted-To-Buy (WTB) threads.

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